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A Dream Revisited- Visitor Testimony

Emma Yoder, from Lancaster, PA joined us for a few months in Kenya. Below is a testimony from her trip:

"Hello everyone! I hope things are going well for all of you! I have been enjoying my time in Africa. It’s been amazing!

I just want to share how God called me to Africa! Back in 2004, God gave me a dream three times in a row, I knew right then that God is calling me to missions. I was 20 years old at the time. In my dream I was in Africa and there was a little girl that would come to see me every day, we just stood there looking at each other. Because of the language, we were not able to understand each other.

This was 17 years ago! It was soon after I left the Amish, my family and I moved to a Mennonite church in Alabama. Many of you know how the Amish work- but don’t put all the Amish in the same box, they are all different! Because of my upbringing, I didn’t believe in myself. There were many evil words that were spoken over me. And because I finished school at the age of 14: I was not able to read, and I was 19 before I spoke English. I didn’t let this hold me back, but if I would have listened to those words, I would not be here in Kenya at this time! God has a big plan in everything that we go through! I hope you are encouraged as I continue sharing my testimony! God is so beautiful in everything as we allow Him to be, it’s all about obedience to the Father! He says obedience is better than sacrifice and submission is better than offering the fat of rams! (1 Samuel 15:22)

Ever since I gave my life to the LORD; I have wanted my life to be for the Father, in obedience no matter what. I feel the Father has tested me in many ways, and I have not always passed the test of listening and being connected with him! We need to be connected to hear Him clearly!

I have traveled with Randy and Bonnie to many different places (since I arrived in July 2021). The weekend of September 17-19 we went to this village called “Inkoroshoni.” It was a different story for me! Tuesday before we left (we were leaving on Friday), I felt in my spirit, God is going to do something amazing. Low and behold, God did amazing work throughout the weekend! Saturday came around and, in the morning, I felt there is something about this area of “Inkoroshoni.” As I was praying about it on the way back to the camp, the Father spoke to me, and said, “this is the place.” and I said, “what??” He reminded me again about my dream back in 2004. When I got in my room, I cried for about two hours! Then Saturday evening, God gave me picture of a women that was blind in her right eye! I remember that before I came to Africa, I felt there is woman that I need to meet! But I didn’t know why! When I got the picture; I said, “Father what do you want me to do when I meet her?” It came to me very clear, “give her a hug for me!” Sunday morning after the second message of the meeting, I took the microphone and shared a little bit. I said, “I feel like there is a woman that I’m supposed to meet here, and God gave a picture of her! She is blind in her right eye, and she has a child, I said if you are in the house of the Lord, I want you to stand!” Oh, my Lord JESUS!!! There was a lady, Jacklyn Naserian, that stood up and she started walking up toward me, my heart started going 100 miles an hour, my eyes filled with tears, and I said, “JESUS, JESUS!!!” As I embraced her and held her in my arms, she was slain by the Spirit and went on the floor! After praying Jacklyn got up from the floor! When she was nine years old, she had a dream that she wasn’t sure what was all about, but she was to meet someone. My prayer had been that this person would also receive a dream so if we do meet, she would already know why we are meeting!

Jacklyn couldn’t speak English, and, in my dream, she wasn’t able to speak English!! Her husband said that they were praying that someone would come and confirm the dream! After the last service she came to me and said “we have finally met after all of these years! There was connection that was unbelievable. My eyes are filled with tears as write! I do not know yet, what God’s plan is for all of this! But I’m believing and trusting God to take me to the next plan that He has for me! Even though I had no idea where this place was before I came, I feel like I came blindfolded, over and over God said, “Trust me, you are on training ground!” All the different places that I’ve been to, God said, “This is the place!!” God, you are amazing, thank you for your faithfulness!

In sharing this, I want to encourage you, if there is something on your heart that you feel like God has called you to, and there is nothing happening, take this time to just wait and spend time with the LORD! He wants your heart first, before he can take you! It’s like if you want a certain job you need to take time to learn how to do the job before you step into it! It’s progress in everything you do, some are just longer than others! This has been the most amazing experience I’ve had since I’ve been here in Kenya, but there are many more things that I could tell you! If you ever want to get away and spend more time with the Lord and see Him working in a mighty ways, I encourage you to spend two weeks or more in Kenya! Randy and Bonnie are amazing people to work and be with! I never thought my time would come to be in Kenya! There is so much more that I could tell you about Kenya and what God is doing! I wish many blessings on your life! God bless!

With Love and Care,

- Emma Yoder

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